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Land F/X provides software plugins that adapt AutoCAD and SketchUp to landscape architecture and irrigation design. Features include “smart” plant blocks and hatches that can be assigned with data (such as plant variety and per-unit cost); instant labeling, scheduling, and error checking; automatic pipe sizing and flow/pressure calculations based on the Hazen-Williams formula; and an unparalleled system for drafting and organizing details. Since launching in 2004, Land F/X has grown into a trusted tool for more than 2,000 firms worldwide. The company also offers F/X CAD – an Autodesk-authorized version of AutoCAD tailored to the needs of landscape architects and irrigation designers.

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With over 40 years experience, Consent is specialized in an extensive range of  Concrete products varying from Granix tiles, Interlocking pavers, Kerbstones, Masonry Blocks, Retaining wall products, custom made precast elements as well as licensed products from renowned international companies -  Terraforce, Keystone, Metten, Rosetta , Permatrak and Urabstyle.

At Consent, we believe in innovation and constantly endeavor to achieve higher standards of quality. Our 3 factories in Dubai, UAE  are equipped with advanced technology and are fully automated for maximum production efficiency. Many of our Plants & equipments are running on all energy efficient technologies. All production is carried out with strict quality control and in compliance with local and international standards.  We have a strong R&D that helps develop new products and improve our existing range. We are also strongly involved with Green Building initiatives be it products with high SRI , use of recycled materials , permeable pavers , low maintenance cost products etc.

It is our pleasure providing Concrete solutions.

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ENREGIS GmbH, Germany is a shooting star with the most innovative currently available product range in the market of storm & rain water management (treatment, retention and infiltration), sets in the last year’s new standards in several parts of this important market.

ENREGIS is a district dynamic company with member of specialized and experienced staff and partners in the segment of rain water management, the drainage technology as well the renewable environment heat and cooling technology and the service belonging to it.

ENREGIS developments and their innovative storm water treatment concepts are proceeding continuously. New filter or rather water treatment concepts, control and monitoring system open new applications, reduce the installation and maintenance effort and safe surface and costs at the same time.

A further main priority for the company is the safety in the installation of the systems. The retention/infiltration element ENREGIS/Controlbox® was the first available product in the market with the TÜV Nord-Germany certification. Today the ENREGIS/X-Box products for example are tested and certified by the RAL association and by the DIBt Berlin Germany. Long-term pressure test already successful pasted the German Institute for Material Research and Testing Center MFPA Leipzig GmbH. This system is now regarded as the most stable and flexible system in the market for standard synthetic infiltration systems.

The success of the company ENREGIS is also outside from Germany provable, in the export markets where the German innovative force rates high, ENREGIS is a partner with a great demand.

In the distribution and consulting ENREGIS offer products, system solutions and services for a wide range of applications up to the planning and realization of all kind of large projects (Airports, Highways, Bridges, Industrial Buildings, Sports Facilities …).

The ENREGIS staff can give a proof of at least 20 years of recognized experience in well-known companies and associations like DIN Berlin or in the trade association for gray water and rain water usage e.V., GREG e.V. – RAL Gütegemeinschaft rain water system and much more.

The company ENREGIS operates with the leader Universities in the water sector in Europe, and also with the leader institutions in the Asian sector.

ENREGIS counts in these regions as a niche specialist in the storm & rain water management. In building up of such markets and in the development of standardizations and auditing standards is the company ENREGIS a highly valued partner.

The company has in nearly each European country as well as in Turkey, North America/Canada, GCC Region and in South Korea partner structures, which were centrally managed by the headquarter in Sundern, Germany.

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Akrobat has established itself as one of the leading European suppliers of trampoline parks with more than 15 years’ experience in the trampoline industry. They deliver unique and exciting projects across 4 continents, offering a complete range of services including bespoke project design, in-house manufacturing and turn-key installation. Their recently introduced Akrobat HEXIA trampoline parks are unique in the market due to their slick hexagonal design, and the innovative X-spring system. Hexia provides 15% more jumping capacity and increased safety. Akrobat converts empty halls into exciting and profitable family entertainment centres with strong focus on user experience.

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Supporting Organisations

IPA is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1961.

It provides a forum for exchange and action across disciplines and across sectors.

IPA’s purpose is to protect, preserve and promote the child’s right to play as a fundamental human right.

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The International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) is a global association of experienced professional planners. It was founded in 1965 in a bid to bring together recognised and highly-qualified planners in an international network. The ISOCARP network brings together individual and institutional members from more than 80 countries worldwide. As a non-governmental organisation ISOCARP is recognized by the UN, UNHCS and the Council of Europe. The Society also has a formal consultative status with UNESCO.

The objectives of ISOCARP include the improvement of planning practice through the creation of a global and active network of practitioners. ISOCARP encourages the exchange of professional knowledge between planners, promotes the planning profession in all its forms, stimulates and improves planning research, training and education and enhances public awareness and understanding of major planning issues at a global level.
The association‘s main event is the annual World Congress, which focuses on a globally-significant planning theme and which takes place in a different country each year.

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